Georgia Sound // One Way Path EP

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Wow. Calgary, where do you hide these gems?!

I stumbled upon Georgia Sound today, and they are ASTOUNDING! They are a duo from Calgary who met at an open mic (cafe Koi I presume, as I’ve heard Shannon play numerous times there solo and ALWAYS blew my mind with her song writing), and they decided “Hey, we kick serious musical ass, let’s make a band and raise the bar of musical talent in Calgary” **Spoiler alert: They succeeded in a big way**

The recordings are impeccable, and the quality of precision in the instruments and vocals are above the rest. This is real musical talent.

So OK, my word is not worth much to you. Surprise there! So stop listening to my ramblings and start listening to the stream below to hear the magic for yourself. and then buy the album here so you can listen to Georgia Sound on the go, anywhere you are (toilet, train, stuck in deerfoot traffic, airplane, high speed chase, poetry readings)


Georgia Sound // One Way Path EP , 5.6 out of 6 based on 36 ratings